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  • 2nd Grade Science is Fun for the Whole Family


    Do you know how to make a bubbling, colorful blob in a test tube?  Roosevelt’s second graders and their families do.  They learned this scientific secret and many others at the Second Grade Family Fun Science Night, held on January 20, 2017. 


    Ms. Regina D’Orio, Science and Technology teacher, led the evening’s events, which immersed students and their family members in five hands-on science investigations.  Each experiment called for cooperation, communication, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, scientific recording and, of course, FUN!  This successful event was designed to bring students and families together while learning new ideas in science. Even many of the teachers in our district family brought their own second grade children to join in the fun. 


    The evening got started in the cafeteria where our young scientists decorated their own white lab coats and donned colorful goggles to do their work. Ms. Tami McElwee, principal, and Ms. Janna Ostroff, Science and Technology Supervisor, kicked off the night with a warm welcome. During Ms. D’Orio’s introduction, she invited families to view her website, www.trscienceandtech.com  for information about the K-2 science program and photos of students engaged in the night’s activities.  Want updates on the TR Science Program?  Sign up for Remind at remind.com/join/mrsdorio. Want to get text updates to your phone? Text @mrsdorio to 81010. 


    The attendees then broke off into groups and went to the kindergarten classrooms to engage in projects including Hoop Gliders, Fingerprints, The Erupting Bubbling Blob, Drops on a Penny, and Sense of Taste.  Each exploration was supervised by one of our very own Roosevelt teachers and staff including, Ms. Meagan Finnerty, Ms. Kristina Kolb, Ms. Shauna Gazzo, Ms. Georgiana Meyer, and Ms, Diane Conway. 


    Oyster Bay High School Science Teacher Ms. Amy Hallock came to lend her expertise as moderator of the National Science Honor Society.  Oyster Bay High School Students from the National Science Honor Society were invaluable in assisting teachers and students throughout the evening.  On hand for the night’s event were Ali Gagliardi, Faith Martin and Ellie Mylonas in the “Bubbling Blob” room, Andrew Busch and Emily Moore in the “Drops on a Penny” room, Ashley Duggan and Kimia Khaledi in the “Fingerprints” room, Emma Ingoglia, Bella Pace, Victoria Vigliotti and Aaron Rudnet in the “Sense of Taste” room and Nick Zucconi, Owen McEvoy, Matt Jaronczyk and Max Greenspan in the “Hoop Gliders” room.


    “Science Night is an inspiring celebration of the scientific learning and discovery that takes place throughout our Pre-K-2nd grade program.” says Ms. Janna Ostroff, Oyster Bay-East Norwich’s Science and Technology Supervisor.  “Students are able to practice their scientific inquiry skills alongside their parents.  I feel proud to be a part of a community that comes together each year to experiment, learn, and celebrate our students’ scientific pursuits.”


    Our second grade scientists had a wonderful time and everyone came away with new knowledge and a continued appreciation for Science.  Science really is fun!





    View Ms. D’Orio’s website, www.trscienceandtech.com

    for information about the K-2 science program.

  • 2nd Grade Science Fun Night


    2nd Grade Science Fun Night


    2nd Grade Science Fun Night


    2nd Grade Science Fun Night


    2nd Grade Science Fun Night


    2nd Grade Science Fun Night


    Science Fun

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