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    Striving for Excellence in Education                          Volume 11, Issue 20, 1-27-2017

  •  Science Fun Night


    2nd Grade Science is Fun for the Whole Family


    Do you know how to make a bubbling, colorful blob in a test tube?  Roosevelt’s second graders and their families do.  They learned this scientific secret and many others at the Second Grade Family Fun Science Night, held on January 20, 2017.  Ms. Regina D’Orio, Science and Technology teacher, led the evening’s events, which immersed students and their family members in five hands-on science investigations.  Each experiment called for cooperation, communication, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, scientific recording and, of course, FUN!  This successful event was designed to... 


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  •  Inauguration 2017


    OBHS Student Invited to Attend the Inauguration


    When Kathryn Moore was a student at the James H. Vernon School, she was recognized as candidate for the Envision Program.  After being accepted Kathryn spent a week in Washington DC.  A couple of years later the Envision Program took her to Boston.  Last week, as part of the Envision Program, Kathryn was invited to attend the Inauguration in Washington DC.  The Envision group was allowed to stand in the 4th column on the Mall.  There were speakers nearby to hear everything.  The students had to stand on tiptoes to be able to see the Capitol Building and podium.  The day started at 4:30 in the...


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