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    Striving for Excellence in Education                          Volume 11, Issue 18, 1-13-2017

  •  Engineers Breakfast


     The 3rd Annual OBHS “Engineers Breakfast” Enlightens and Inspires Students


    The biggest challenge facing college graduates today is finding jobs.  High School and younger students may want to consider charting a course for their future through Engineering.  A majority of the people who are currently holding jobs in Engineering are rapidly approaching retirement age and the field does not have enough young Engineers to fill the vacancies.  Two years ago, Oyster Bay High School hosted its first “Engineers Breakfast.”  A group of local Engineers were...


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  •  Land Alliance


    Learning Valuable Lessons from Our Own Community



    A wonderful collaboration began a year ago.  In an effort to inform students of their water sources, value and vulnerability, the OBEN Schools partnered with the North Shore Land Alliance, who provided a series of two workshops to the fifth graders.  In the first session, students created a model aquifer and experimented with how water enters and leaves.  In the second, students learned how to differentiate between groundwater and surface water as well as investigate human impact on Long Island.  The fourth graders...


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