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  • Winter Concerts Feature the Wealth of Talent in Oyster Bay


            The Winter Concert season launches a series of Art and Music events that will continue right through until the end of the school year.  The Fine and Performing Arts Department Supervisor, Mr. Peter Rufa, set the tone with his affable style on stage for many joyous celebrations.


            Ms. Meagan Finnerty brightened the Winter Concert Season with the Theodore Roosevelt Winter Music Showcase on Thursday, December 9.  The Winter Showcase featured each grade level in individual concerts at the Roosevelt School.


            The Roosevelt Elementary School music program incorporates “Music and the Brain” which has shown that when students are introduced to music at an early age it pays huge dividends academically throughout students’ lives.  This program introduces children to keyboards in the music classroom to integrate with their singing.  Ms. Finnerty featured many second grade students on a variety of percussion instruments.


             Mr. Augustus Devassy and Ms. Lauren Macy dazzled the capacity crowd in the Oyster Bay High School Performing Arts Center (The PAC) with stunning performances by the Vernon School Jazz Band, Intermediate Band and Advanced Band. 


              Mr. Lou Costidis conducted the 3rd and 4th grade choruses at Vernon to a crowd that spilled out of the gym into the hallway and brought his dynamic 5th and 6th Grade Chorus to the big stage of the PAC.  Ms. Meagan Finnerty displayed her own considerable talents by sitting in with the 5th and 6th Grade Chorus playing piano. 


            Ms. Melissa Kozee entertained the audience with the talents of the 7th and 8th Grade Chorus with the assistance of her husband and friend on drums and bass.       


            Mr. Michael Giannetta led the 7th and 8th Grade Band in a spirited display of talent and style.


             Ms. Meagan Finnerty also conducts the High School Mixed Chorus and the OBHS Chamber Singers.  The Chamber Singers take their beautiful harmonies and melodies out of the concert hall to fill the halls of Oyster Bay High School and to the Teddy Roosevelt Elementary School.  This year the Chamber Singers also took part in the Oyster Bay Tree Lighting Celebration and lifted the spirits of the seniors in the community with a full day’s schedule of stops on the last day before the holiday recess. 


             Mr. Costidis and the 5th and 6th Grade Chorus joined in the festivities by reaching out to the Life Enrichment Center to brighten the spirits of our seniors with songs.


                The fantastic music education program at Oyster Bay culminates with Mr. Matthew Sisia who has the OBHS Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble performing at a professional concert level. 


             Another testament to the quality of education provided by the OBEN Fine and Performing Arts Department can be found in the staggering number of OBEN musicians selected to perform in the All-County Concerts in January.


    Division 1:   January 4 – 7, 2017


    Divisions II – V: January 120 – 14, 2017


            OBEN has thirty students honored with All-County status.  They are:


    ALL-COUNTY 2016-2017




    Ballone, Anabella

    Biggiani, Michael

    Carchietta, Victoria

    Devereaux, Kate

    Duke, Kevin

    Fumante, Eliot

    Hall, Taylor

    Ingoglia, Emma

    Kilfoil, Colette

    Lattanzio, Emily

    Peitz, James

    Tischler, Kyra


    James H Vernon School


    Alejo, Franchesca

    Aschettino, Aurora

    Barefoot, Ciara

    Cerda Constanzo, Amanda

    Cotto, Valerie

    Curry, Grace

    Dean, Christopher

    Kelly, Ania

    Nathan, Leigh

    Romano, Jayden

    Sabatello, Michael

    Sansone, Kyra

    Sattar-Reiss, Sophia

    Thomas, Kaitlan

    Torres, Gabriela

    Ulloa, Estefanny

    Wilson, Julianna


          On behalf of the Fine and Performing Arts Department and the entire OBEN School District, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and invite you to begin the Winter Recess by singing.  In case you have forgotten the words, here they are:



    (The Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School Song)

    Words and Music by Robert M. Stern


    By the bay it stands

    With its arms stretched open wide,

    It’s the Roosevelt School

    That makes our faces beam with pride.

    Onward and upward

    We stand beside our school.

    Our memories will last

    As we dearly think of you.


    It’s inside your halls

    That we’re guided every day,

    All along your sturdy walls

    We see our schoolwork on display.

    Here’s to all! Here’s to all

    Who make our school so grand.

    Together we are strong

    As we all work hand in hand.


    Oh your spirit shines

    Like a star high up above,

    All the time we’ve spent here

    It fills our hearts with so much love.


    Roosevelt, Roosevelt

    The school that’s by the bay,

    Has taught us all so well

    That we’ll never lose our way.   

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