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  • The Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School Launches the Peaceful School Bus Program


    By Dr. Carole Brown, Oyster Bay East Norwich Social Worker


    The Peaceful School Bus program has begun at the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School. This program is designed to increase pro-social behavior on the school bus by creating a greater sense of community and responsibility among students riding the bus.  This research based program which targets improved social dynamics on the school bus by building strong, positive relationships among students will make every child’s experience on the bus more enjoyable.


    Students on the same bus route will meet together during the year to help them bond as a group.  School personnel will help students get to know each other by leading them in fun activities and reviewing school bus rules regarding safety and responsibility.  The goal is to increase respect between the students as well as for their drivers.


    On October 17, 2016 each bus group participated in the first Peaceful School Bus meeting. The students wrote beautiful thank you letters to each bus driver and shared fantastic ideas on positive bus behavior.


    On Thursday, December 1, we announced our first “Bus of the Month” winner.  The Kiddie Academy Bus and Bus #4 were our winners for November.  We celebrated their success and gave the bus drivers a Peaceful Bus handmade necklace.  Each rider received a bracelet that read “Be cool– Safety is the number #1 Rule”.


    We are fortunate to have several teachers and all of our bus drivers helping to make this program a success.


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