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Vernon Third Graders Host Annual Biography Wax Museum

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Third graders from James H. Vernon School hosted their annual Biography Wax Museum on May 18th in the school cafeteria. Family and friends were invited to attend as the students portrayed themselves as wax figures, dressing like the famous individual that they studied.

Prior to the event, the third graders learned about narrative nonfiction and biographies. They then were each challenged to focus on a specific individual of their choosing to study. Students selected famous athletes, musicians, historical figures and more. They learned about their subject, completed a graphic organizer, and created a hanger displaying information about their individual of study.

During the Biography Wax Museum, the creative hangers were showcased, and students were stationed at a table where they posed still like a wax figure. In front of each student was a paper button which attendees could “press” to see the student come to life as their individual of study.

The third graders had fun dressing the part and sharing interesting facts with those who pressed their button. The experience was a unique way for the third graders to breathe life into biographies and to strengthen their research and presentation skills.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 5/26/2023

Vernon Musicians Receive Gold with Distinction

James H. Vernon School fifth grade band, sixth grade band and fifth/sixth grade orchestra students thumbnail246939

Congratulations to the James H. Vernon School fifth grade band, sixth grade band and fifth/sixth grade orchestra for all earning Gold with Distinction at NYSSMA Majors this week!

A “Gold with Distinction” rating is awarded only to music ensembles that achieve a standard of performance deemed exceptional in all three selections performed for the NYSSMA judges and is the highest rating to be earned. We are so proud of our incredible young musicians and their teachers Mr. Devassy, Ms. Macy, and Ms. Muller Pinnola!

Date Added: 5/25/2023

OBHS Hosts Art Show

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Last week, students in grades 7-12 had their artwork displayed in Oyster Bay High School's Art Show. The show featured work from middle level art classes, AP Art, Studio Art, Studio in Media, Photography, Computer Art, Sculpture and Graphic Arts. Each piece of art showcased the students' unique perspective, imagination, and artistic skills. Congratulations to the students' art teachers Mr. Boris, Ms. Miley, and Ms. Randazzo who encourage their students to explore, experiment, and push artistic boundaries. We eagerly await the students' future masterpieces!

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 5/25/2023

Science Research Students Honored in National Competition

Congratulations Chloe, Maalika and Genesis! thumbnail246838

A team of three science research students from Oyster Bay High School were recognized with the 2023 Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Honorable Mention Award. Eighth graders Chloe Gheerow, Maalika Mehta and Genesis Alvarez-Hernandez’s winning project “Activewear Discreet Insulin Delivery and Monitoring System,” places them in the top 10 of all ExploraVision projects submitted to the nationwide competition this year.
Their project creates a smart solution for those managing diabetes and trying to stay active. “We have designed a two-part under-the-skin implant for diabetics everywhere,” the students said. “This system would make life so much more convenient and would motivate people to finally exercise and become active. Currently, life revolves around our smartphones. This is why we have made this system completely monitored on your smartphone, laptop, or smartwatch. Our virtual platform is what makes our innovation so extraordinary. You can inject insulin into your body through your phone, get daily reports about your glucose levels, and even have healthy recipes catered to what your body needs.”
Congratulations to Chloe, Maalika and Genesis on your well-deserved honor and thank you to Ms. Glavan for empowering ALL students to achieve excellence on the national level!

Date Added: 5/24/2023

New Backdrop Arrives for the Baymen

Superintendent Dr. Ianni and Ms. Argaman in front of new backdrop thumbnail246802
Superintendent Dr. Ianni and Ms. Argaman in front of new backdrop thumbnail246803

Our new backdrop was delivered just in time for all of our end of the year events!

Date Added: 5/23/2023