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OBHS Among Top NYS Public High Schools

Oyster Bay High School ranks among the top 10 public high schools in New York State and the top five on Long Island, according to the study, “2021’s Best Public High Schools in New York State” released by WalletHub, a personal finance platform for tools and resources.

The study compared more than 1,200 public high schools in four key areas: college readiness, school experience, diversity, and staff. Each area was evaluated using 26 metrics. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the best high school performance and the most favorable conditions for high school students during and after attendance. Oyster Bay High School received a score of 74.16, slightly lower than the top-ranking school’s score of 76.5.

“This study confirms that Oyster Bay High School is a highly regarded institution where students not only succeed academically but enjoy a well-rounded experience that enables them to succeed beyond graduation,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Francesco Ianni.   

The study determined college readiness by using factors such as graduation rate, Regents exam scores, the number of students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses, college courses, and  SAT and ACT exams; the number of National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists, and the number of students attending two- or four-year colleges.  

For school experience, factors included student-teacher ratio, student-counselor ratio, sports participation, and absenteeism. The study also examined racial and economic diversity. The last category analyzed teachers and staff, and included metrics for teaching experience, certified teachers, salaries, and the inclusion of a registered nurse, school psychologist, school social worker, and security guards on staff.

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