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OBEN Creates Valentines for Veterans

vernon with valentines  TR with valentines

At left, James H. Vernon School third graders Tate Baehr, Joseph Brienza, and Liliana McEvoy display the valentines they made for veterans. At right, Theodore Roosevelt Principal Ms. Tami McElwee is pictured with first graders, standing , from left, Ciara Murcott and Daniel Seabrooks. Sitting, from left are Vivian Block and Reagan Hansen.

With words of praise for their bravery and sacrifices, students at James H. Vernon and Theodore Roosevelt Elementary schools expressed their gratitude to those who served our country by designing Valentine’s Day cards as part of the Town of Oyster Bay’s Valentines for Veterans Initiative. The cards will be distributed to veterans at American Legion and Veteran of Foreign War (VFW) Posts, as well as other posts, hospitals and nursing homes, according to Town officials.

Using markers, stickers, lace doilies and construction paper, students designed a variety of cards, some with pop-out decorations or images of the American flag in the shape of a heart with words of gratitude for their service. The Town of Oyster Bay is preparing certificates to recognize students for their work and dedication to the project.

vernon valentines  tr valentines