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Student Sheds Light on Celiac Disease Through Play

Dylan Blind, a fourth grade student from James H. Vernon School, has a way of turning her own life experience into a teachable moment for others. Earlier this year, Dylan was diagnosed with celiac disease, an immune reaction to eating gluten, and has since made it her mission to raise awareness.  

After being diagnosed, she decided to do more research and thought of a creative way to educate others about how celiac disease can affect someone’s body and diet. Inspired by the popular board game Monopoly, Dylan created her own board game called Celiacopoly. The game is stationed on red posterboard and up to four players can play at a time. It is similar to Monopoly but takes less time to play. Throughout the game, players learn more about celiac disease.  

According to Dylan, sharing her experience and everything that she has learned is essential and could possibly help countless kids and families. She has presented to the Vernon student body about celiac disease and looks to continue to spread awareness by spotlighting the symptoms and how the disease affects one’s body and diet. To read her article in the newest edition of The Bulldog Chronicles, please click here 

Dylan Blind, a fourth grade student from James H. Vernon School

Celiacopoly game baord

Celiacopoly game baord  Celiacopoly game baord

Celiacopoly game baord