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Vernon 3rd Graders Create Biography E-Books

As a way to bring their learning to life in a safe, yet immersive way, Vernon third graders created biography research e-books using Book Creator in lieu of the traditional third-grade Biography Wax Museum this year. With the help of Instructional Technology Coach Mrs. Dana Schultz, students and teachers learned how to use this new, fun, and exciting tool.

According to third-grade teacher Ms. Meagan Rogus, students learned how to research a subject using multiple resources, collect information by category, use nonfiction reading skills and notetaking skills, use technology, and develop public speaking skills by recording their own monologue about the subject.

"This was all displayed in Book Creator and students created their own books," Ms. Rogus said. "The books were then shared with families for all to enjoy and celebrate."

Here are a few examples of the students' work:

Biography on Mia Hamm

Biography on Mary Jackson

Biography on Alexander Graham Bell

Biography on Le Bron James