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Grade 6 Celebrates Ancient Civilizations

Dressed as Egyptian pharaohs and queens, Greek gods and goddesses, Chinese philosophers and other ancient historical figures, sixth graders at James H. Vernon School celebrated a living history of Ancient Civilizations after weeks of  studying the topic in their classrooms and working on independent research projects at home.

Students developed research papers and supported them with models of Egyptian pyramids, sphinxes, hieroglyphics and tombs; Greek buildings, such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis, and ancient Chinese palaces, among many others. They designed posters describing ancient inventions, famous landmarks and important people in history, and created digital presentations on their laptops.

According to Principal Dr. Valerie Vacchio, the Ancient Civilizations celebration is one of the highlights of the sixth-grade curriculum.

“It’s an opportunity to bring to life the learning that’s taking place in the classroom while providing a meaningful and memorable experience for students,” she said.