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Kudos to our Athletes of the Month

Oyster Bay High School’s Department of Athletics proudly announces its February and March selections for “Athlete of the Month.” Athletes are selected by their coaches and chosen for exhibiting qualities that make them exemplary role models for their teammates, such as leadership, dedication, attitude, level of improvement, and skill.

furman Senior Evan Furman is the Athlete of the Month for the Baymen Bowling Team. This is Evan’s third year on the Oyster Bay Bowling team. Evan’s average this season is 145.  His highest game was 181 and his highest three games series was 495.  “Evan is dedicated, hardworking, and always exhibits excellent sportsmanship,” said Coach Keven Degnan. “Oyster Bay High School and the bowling team are very proud to have Evan as a student and athlete.”

Senior Greta Flanagan is the Athlete of the Month for Girls Winter track. Onegreta of the top distance runners on all of Long Island, Greta set a new school record for winter track in the 400-meter run, according to Coach Kevin Cotter.  She also tied Kaitlin Collins' record of 2:37.7 which was set in 2007. Greta will run at SUNY Geneseo next year.

emma k. Junior Emma Kelly is the Athlete of the Month for the Girls Basketball team.  Emma has been a dedicated member of the varsity basketball team since 8th grade.  Emma averaged 15 points and 4 assists per game in the seven-game season.  “Emma not only made herself better in this short season, but she made her teammates better as well,” said Coach Erin Murcott and Assistant Coach Richard Geiger. “Her work ethic, unselfishness, and commitment to improving every day were a positive influence on her teammates and resulted in a successful season.”

Sophomore Marilyn Ramos is the Athlete of the Month for Cheerleading.marilyn cheer “Marylin is a talented, hardworking, dedicated member of our team,” said Coach Jessica Paprocki. “She always shows up to practice on time and always has a great big smile on her face!”

“She always knows how to motivate her teammates when they need support and is always pushing them to be the best that they can be,” added Assistant Coach Nicole Turner. “Marylin brings a very great positive energy into our gym and for that, the athletes and coaches are grateful to have someone as motivational as Marylin as part of the team.” 

anna s The Athlete of the Month for Girls Fencing is senior Anna Silver. Anna has been fencing on the varsity team for five years, according to Coach Virginia Kemp and Assistant Coach Brandon Brooker. She has been the Foil Captain for two years. She completed her season with 24 wins and 3 losses. Anna made the All-County First Team this year. She will be attending Lafayette College in the Fall of 2021.

Max Weinberg is the Athlete of the Month for Boys’ Basketball. Max hadmax w a great senior year, according to Coach Brian Boyle and Assistant Coach Dustin Abbate He led the Baymen in scoring 21.0 rebounds 13.0 and blocks 3.5 this past season. “Max is a lead-by-example player who always plays with a combination of power, intensity, and energy,” Coach Boyle said. Max finished his career at Oyster Bay with an outstanding performance in a victory against Island Trees recording 30 points 14 rebounds and a career-high 7 blocks.