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Leg. Lafazan Cuts Ribbon on Renovated OBHS Cafeteria

Surrounded by Board of Education members, staff and students, Leg. Joshua Lafazan “cut the ribbon” on the renovated cafeteria at Oyster Bay High School, a project made possible through a $100,000 grant he secured for the District.

Thanks to his generosity, the dining area has been transformed into a café-style space with a modern and functional mix of seating options suitable for both dining and studying. Decorated in vibrant hues of purple and gold, the room features counter-height seating, booth-style seating, and smaller groupings of tables and chairs. Cushioned sectionals tucked into the corners of the room offer a more casual and comfortable area to lounge with friends or to work with their Chromebooks. Brightening up the room is a new ceiling and cost-effective LED lighting, paid for with community-approved school budget funds.

The cafeteria is currently being used in a socially distanced manner by 11th and 12th graders during lunch periods and for club meetings after school. For health and safety reasons, students in grades 7-10 are eating lunch at their desks behind desk shields to keep everyone safe. However, school officials plan to open the cafeteria to other grades on a rotating basis during the fourth quarter, beginning April 12.

“This cafeteria is a wonderful enhancement to our high school building and has amenities that make it look and feel more like a dining hall you would see on a college campus,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Francesco Ianni. “Many thanks to Legislator Lafazan for his work in securing a generous grant to make our vision a reality.”

cafeteria ribbon cutting 3

Flanked by Board of Education members, staff and students, Leg. Josh Lafazan and senior Olivia Silver cut the ribbon on the renovated cafeteria at Oyster Bay High School.

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The renovated cafeteria features a variety of seating options for dining or studying.