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Vernon 3rd Grade Multiplication Super Bowl Hones Math Skills

James H. Vernon School 3rd graders showed their mathematical chops when they participated in the 8th annual Multiplication Super Bowl. The school tradition, which aligns with football’s championship game, builds excitement for mathematics and encourages students to memorize their facts. Using a giant multiplication spinner, students were challenged to answer multiplication equations based on where the spinner landed. Unlike previous years where students moved to other classrooms and competed against the other 3rd grade classes,  students engaged in a friendly math celebration within their own classrooms to adhere to health and safety guidelines.


ms. rogus class

James H. Vernon students in Ms. Meagan Rogus’ class are pumped up to play the Multiplication Super Bowl game.


3rd graders play multiplication game

Students in Ms. Nancy Flatley’s class show their excitement for the Multiplication Super bowl.