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TR Launches 'Champions of Character' Campaign

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School has launched a “Champions of Character” campaign to recognize students who demonstrate outstanding character, kindness, and leadership. The initiative, created by the school’s Site-Based Team, aims to encourage pro-social behaviors, motivate students to be their best selves, and enhance the school environment in positive ways.

Every month, classroom teachers nominate one student from each class. Students are recognized with certificates, having their photo taken and posted on the Character Wall of Fame, and by announcing their names during morning announcements. A different character trait will be highlighted each month, such as respect, courage, and honesty, which will be reinforced through classroom lessons and activities. In library, for instance, this month library media specialist Ms. Roseann Davidson will share a book with students about inclusion and being a good friend.

The Site-Based Committee created “I’m a Champion of Character” sheets for each student. When teachers recognize a student displaying good character, they will add a sticker to the student’s sheet. When the sheet is filled up, teachers will submit them to Principal Ms. Tami McElwee who will reward the student with a special prize.

“We are so excited to acknowledge and celebrate our students’ positive character traits,” Ms. McElwee said. “There is a lot of buzz in our school right now among our students; they are excited about the Champions of Character and encouraging and supporting one another. There is a heightened awareness and attention to doing the right thing across our school. Many thanks to our Site-Based Team for helping to roll this out and make it a success for our students!”

The Site-Based Team is made up of staff and parent volunteers who work with the principal to support the school’s initiatives and goals. Members include Ms. Davidson, literacy coach Ms. Chris Bartell, science and technology teacher Ms. Regina D’Orio, Athletics, Physical Education and Health Director Mr. Kevin Trentowski, and parent volunteers Ms. Alycia Blaeser and Ms. Mariah Karpavicius.