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TR Math Night goes Virtual


Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School kindergartners and their families had fun with numbers when they participated in a virtual Kindergarten Math Night. The evening, a school tradition that pivoted to digital for safety reasons, engaged families in a series of math exploration stations, giving them a better understanding of what is being taught in their child’s classroom.


Participants focused on shapes by creating origami, on counting by playing a dice game, on estimating by guessing how many objects were in a jar, and on observation by going on a scavenger hunt and finding evidence of math in their homes. Students had the opportunity to share the results of their games, post comments to interact with others, and display photos of their origami creations     


“The virtual Kindergarten Math Night was a great opportunity for students to learn math in a hands-on and engaging way while having fun with their families,” said K-12 Mathematics Supervisor Mr. Jack Bixhorn.  “We hope that this will build students’ confidence and create a positive attitude toward math moving forward."


“We hope this event gets students excited about math,” added Ms. Michelle Squires, co-organizer of the event and Roosevelt’s academic intervention support (AIS) math specialist who supports the math program for all teachers at the school. “By showing families the different ways they can practice math skills with their children at home, students will feel more supported and be more successful.”


Kindergartners had the opportunity to win special prizes at the Estimation Station, which consisted of three levels of difficulty. In the beginning round, the number of objects in the estimation jar was 92 and Zack Paleos’ guess was a close 93. In the intermediate round, the actual count was 256. The winner, Piper Varjas, guessed 150. In the most advanced round, there were 731 objects in the jar. The winner with a guess of 306 was Theo Bakalis. Each student received a book with a math theme and goodie bag of school supplies.


“As a parent, I was very impressed with Kindergarten Math Night and how fluidly the school pivoted to creating an engaging and enjoyable online experience for students,” said Mrs. Raissa Bakalis, parent of kindergarten twins Theo and Nicholas. “We look forward to using the packets as a family for continued math fun at home.”