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Three Teachers Shine as NASTAR Award Recipients

Three teachers in the District were honored with NASTAR awards by the Nassau Association of School Technologists (NASTECH) for innovation and achievements in education technology. Ms. Suprabha Malhar-Jain, computer science and technology teacher at Oyster Bay High School, Mr. Keith Harrison, technology teacher at James H. Vernon School and Ms. Regina D’Orio, science and technology teacher at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, were recognized for their instrumental roles in supporting district-wide digital learning while school buildings were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to teaching computer science and technology to students virtually, they put their “devices on turbo and sprang into leadership mode,” according to Ms. Janna Ostroff, the District’s K-12 Supervisor of Science and Technology for Instruction. “Their tireless screen castings, translations, patience, communication and empathy enabled us to provide continuity in learning by teaching and learning virtually,” she said.

Suprabha Malhar-Jain

Ms. Suprabha Malhar-Jain

Keith Harrison

Mr. Keith Harrison

regina dorio

Ms. Regina D'Orio