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7th Graders Bake Cookies for a Cause

Victory never tasted so sweet for Oyster Bay High School 7th graders. Five different Home and Careers classes, led by Ms. Kelli-Ann Boeschen, learned the principles of baking while raising funds to help their school.

Each class broke into groups and measured, mixed, cooked and plated one of five different cookies –a butter cookie, a snowball cookie, a snickerdoodle, an M & M white chocolate cookie and a cookie pizza. The cookies were then put to the taste test when they were judged by a group of discerning administrators and staff members. Following a rubric that included taste, texture, appearance and more, the judges selected a winning cookie—the snickerdoodle. The winning cookie was sold in the school lobby to students and staff and raised nearly $50 to make repairs to a greenhouse in the school’s courtyard.

“Our students did a great job of building their culinary skills not only to improve their own learning but to give back to their school through their efforts,” said Ms. Boeschen. “They really enjoyed the friendly competition and working with each other to produce a delicious finished product. Many thanks to our judges and to all who supported our students.”

students look at recipe students mix dough in Home and Careers  student mix ingredients for cookies

Seventh graders create cookies in their Home and Careers class. 

cookies come out of the oven in Home and Careers  girls with cookie tray

Students pull their cookies from the oven.

cookie judging  students sell cookies

At left, cookies are judged as Ms. Boeschen looks on.  At right, students sell the winning cookie to raise money for repairs to the school's greenhouse.