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Happy Birthday, Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School 2nd graders carried out an old tradition to mark the birthday of their school’s namesake. The grade boarded buses to Youngs Memorial Cemetery, Roosevelt’s final resting place, to take part in a memorial service coordinated by Oyster Bay historian Mr.  John Hammond. In his speech, Mr. Hammond noted that the 26th president of the United States would have been 162 years old on Sunday, Oct. 27, and that this year marked the 100th anniversary of his death.


The ceremony featured local dignitaries, veterans and members of the armed forces who shared some words about the former president and laid wreaths made out of red, white and blue carnations.


Second graders sang America the Beautiful, under the direction of music teacher Ms. Brenda Murphy, and laid a red or white carnation, provided by the PTA, on the former president’s grave. Oyster Bay High School trumpeters sophomores Craig Mannino and Michael Panella concluded the ceremony by playing Taps. 


Back in their classrooms, K-2 students throughout the school participated in various activities and history lessons to celebrate the life of the former president.

 armed forces lay wreath at TR gravesite  student lays carnation on TR grave  students play Taps

At left, Roosevelt 2nd graders look on as members of the armed forces lay a wreath at Theodore Roosevelt’s gravesite. Center, 2nd graders, guided by Theodore Roosevelt School Principal Ms. Tami McElwee, lay carnations on Theodore Roosevelt’s gravesite. At left, Oyster Bay High School sophomores Craig Mannino and Michael Panella play Taps during the ceremony.