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Kindergarten Math Night Adds Up to Success


There was stacking, smashing, counting, and crafting all in the name of mathematics as students and their families participated in the third annual Kindergarten Math Night at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School. Using a colorful array of Play-Doh, Legos, a simulated Yahtzee game, and craft materials, families not only had the opportunity to bond with their kindergartner through shared activities, they gained a better understanding of how math is taught in the classroom.  


Each family received a primary colored folder with an itinerary of the night’s activities and, after a brief welcome by Principal Ms. Tami McElwee, they traveled to five separate classrooms to complete various math-based tasks that helped build students’ skills in such areas as counting, addition and geometry.  


“The goal is to present math concepts in a fun, colorful and engaging way so that students are excited about learning them,” said Ms. Michelle Squires, organizer of Math Night and Roosevelt’s academic intervention support (AIS) math specialist who supports the math program for all teachers at the school.  “After this evening, families will be better equipped to practice math skills with their children at home, which helps support students’ overall success.”    


In an activity called, “Coverall Smash,” students, with their family members, used counting and number matching skills by rolling a die, finding the matching number on a ten-frame chart and “smashing” Play-Doh on it. In another activity, called “Race to Fill the Cup,” students took turns rolling a die and for each number they rolled they had to add that many colorful cubes to a cup. The first player to fill his or her cup was the winner.


“The fun in learning math is the challenge,” said Principal Ms. Tami McElwee, “just like the many games that we play. We are so thrilled that this event is well supported by our families as our students work towards becoming critical thinkers.”