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OBHS Welcomes New Assistant Principals

OBHS Principal and APs








 Greeting Oyster Bay High School students on the first day of school are, from left,   Assistant Principal Ms. Rebecca Menuzzo, Principal Ms. Sharon Lasher and   Assistant  Principal Mr. Kevin Leach.



The Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District welcomed two new assistant principals at Oyster Bay High School: Mr. Kevin Leach as assistant principal for grades 10-12 and Ms. Rebecca Menuzzo as assistant principal for grades 7-9. The pair completes the school’s leadership team headed by Principal Ms. Sharon Lasher.


Mr. Leach comes from Uniondale School District where he taught high school-level earth science for the past eight years. During his tenure there, he took on administrative duties, including serving as assistant principal and then principal of the district’s summer school program and overseeing a district-wide new teacher mentor program.


Oyster Bay, he said, “is exactly what I was looking for – a small school with driven and dedicated professionals and students who take ownership of their educational experience, as well as a community that takes pride in the educational successes of their scholars.”


As assistant principal, Mr. Leach is approaching his new post by “upholding the vision of the collaborative administrative team” and focusing on “optimizing a safe and nurturing learning environment” to influence the student body in positive ways. He describes his style as driven, yet supportive and caring.


“I’m really looking forward to meeting members of the community, getting to know the students and supporting our scholars to help them become successful,” he said.


Mr. Leach earned a Bachelor of Arts in Earth and Space Science and a Master of Arts in Science Education from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has New York State certification in Students with Disabilities in Earth Science, Earth Science and General Earth Science 7-12, School Building Leadership and School District Leadership.


Outside of school, Mr. Leach has an athletic side. He golfs, snowboards and scuba dives. His love for snowboarding began young and led him to work as a ski technician in a ski shop for 14 years.


Mr. Leach said he also enjoys photography and spending time with his growing family. He and his wife, Josephine, have a two-year-old son, Christopher, and are expecting a baby in February. A recently adopted rescue puppy and two small parrots complement his family.


Ms. Rebecca Menuzzo previously served the Carle Place School District where she was a middle school English language arts teacher as well as principal of the district’s summer school program.


Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Ms. Menuzzo is passionate about continuing the strong tradition of excellence that Oyster Bay is known for and is eager to learn about the community, students and families, and work with the District’s dynamic team of colleagues to help all students reach their full potential.


“I’m excited to join Oyster Bay after learning about the rich culture of the area almost 10 years ago and instantly falling in love,” she said. “I can still remember the vivid details of my experience here—walking the halls of Oyster Bay High School, marveling at the beautiful building and discovering its quiet charm, and meeting the charismatic educators and enthusiastic students who brought the building to life,” she explained.


As she settles into her new post, Ms. Menuzzo is focusing on connecting with the students and staff.


“It is already clear to me that we have a talented, dedicated team of educators who are ready to lead our students on a special journey this year.  Each school year is always filled with new adventures, and I am eager to experience them with my new colleagues and students,” she said.


Ms. Menuzzo earned an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Nassau Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Adolescence Education: English from Long Island University/C.W. Post Campus, and a Master of Education in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Queens College. She also earned a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education, Indianapolis, Indiana.


Ms. Menuzzo earned three New York State certifications: English Language Arts, Grades 7-12; English to Speakers of Other Languages, K-12; and School Building Leader.


In her spare time, Ms. Menuzzo loves to lose herself in the world of a good book, movie, or theatrical performance.


“I also enjoy bringing my own creative ideas to life in a variety of ways,” she said.  “Most often that includes writing poetry, short stories, and children’s books or drawing and painting, but it can also mean creating just about anything I feel inspired to create, like special events for my students or activities and gatherings for my family and friends.”


She also enjoys exploring nature and interesting people and places. “Some of my favorite places are Brazil’s Paraty, Ilha Grande, and Rio de Janeiro, New York City, and, of course, Oyster Bay. I always think we can look at different places or objects and see the stories they can tell or inspire, which is why I am so fascinated by antiques and old cities.  I also love meeting new people and hearing the stories they have to tell.”


Ms. Menuzzo and her husband, Aurelio, have two children: a son, Ari, age 6, and daughter, Amelia, age 4. They also have a new puppy named Marvel.


“Mr. Leach and Ms. Menuzzo are outstanding additions to our leadership team and we are fully confident that their talents and skills will help bring our students and our school as a whole to new levels of success,” Ms. Lasher said.