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Foreign Language Students Earn Awards on National Exams

foreign language students with awards


Thirteen Oyster Bay High School students have demonstrated outstanding proficiency in foreign language by earning high marks on the national French and Spanish exams.


The French exam, known as Le Grand Concurs, is sponsored by the Association of Teachers of French and evaluates students on their written, oral and listening comprehension. More than 72,000 students across the country took the exam and 17,062 or about 24 percent achieved award status. Sophomores Jillian Haguisan and Muskan Kumar received Silver Awards for scoring in the 85-90th percentile. Freshman Amandine Bourne took home a Bronze Award, placing her in the 75-80th percentile, and sophomores Alina Kelly, Evelyn Ortiz, Beryl Rosenberg and Kayleigh Wieboldt made Honorable Mention, placing them between the 50th and 70th percentile.


The National Spanish Exam, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), measures interpretive communication and achievement in students studying Spanish as a second language. More than 152,000 students registered for the 2019 exam. Sophomore Gabriela Treble earned a Silver Award, scoring from the 85th-94th percentile, and sophomore Nicholas Tardugno received a Bronze Award, placing between the 75th and 84th percentiles. Both qualify to apply for a Global Citizen Scholarship, which covers tuition for a two-week Spanish immersion program through Concordia Language Villages. Sophomores Ava Aschettino, Miriam Coor, Riya Gupta, and Neal Mehta earned Honorable Mention for scoring between the 50th and 74th percentiles.


In addition to these awards, senior Alyssa Quintana won third place in the Long Island Language Teachers (LILT) Student Language Original Essay Competition.


Students prepared for these exams under the guidance of French teacher Mr. Patrick Heusner and Spanish teacher Ms. Paula Luzzi.


“By ranking nationally on the exam, students have demonstrated a superior level of skill and commitment to learning a second language,” said Ms. Liliana Policano, Supervisor of Languages Other than English/English as a New Language (LOTE/ENL). “Their achievements are a testament to the quality of our foreign language program at Oyster Bay High School and I thank the efforts of our teachers Mr. Heusner and Ms. Luzzi for their dedication and commitment.”