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Northwell Health Career Fair Provides Hands-On Career Exploration

Oyster Bay High School students are equipped with more knowledge about different career possibilities, thanks to a comprehensive career fair sponsored by the Northwell Health Care System. Employees from more than 35 professions in healthcare and beyond set up tables in the high school gymnasium to share information with 7-12 grade students in a hands-on, interactive way. Additionally, nine different lectures that ranged from “From Immigrant to Cardiac Surgeon” by Dr. Harold Fernandez to “Tips to Getting Your First Job” by Human Resources professionals Ms. Katie Beacon and Mr. Christopher Drago were presented to 9-12 grade students in the auditorium throughout the day, deepening students’ understanding about various career paths.


Upon entering the gym, students were given a “passport” with a list of occupations. Students received a sticker for the passport each time they visited a table and spoke to the staff. Students with a total of 15 stickers were entered to win a FitBit.


Making the rounds, students met Mr. Edwin Figueroa from Emergency Services, for instance, who demonstrated alternate ways to administer an injection when a vein is not an option and Ms. Marcy Kaiser, an attorney with the health network’s legal team and mother of Oyster Bay High School senior Sophie Kaiser. In addition to medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, and therapists, students received first-hand information from corporate facilities employees, marketing and communications professionals, food and nutrition professionals, emergency management staff, and many more.


Learning was reinforced with such opportunities as performing simulated CPR, dressing in scrubs and posing with surgical instruments against an operating room backdrop, participating in a game that helped them learn about the dangers of vaping, and discovering what it’s like to perform laparoscopic surgery with simulated surgical equipment and a camera.


The venture was coordinated by Oyster Bay High School Counseling Services Supervisor Ms. Sabrina Meehan, Social Studies Supervisor Mr. Joseph Pesqueira, Principal Ms. Sharon Lasher, and Assistant Principals Dr. Peter Rufa and Ms. Lara Gonzalez in conjunction with Northwell Health Community Relations Coordinators Ms. Nicole Santora and Ms. Christine Patti.


“Northwell went above and beyond in providing us with meaningful presentations in the auditorium each period as well as professionals who are truly passionate about their chosen professions,” Ms. Lasher said.  “Individuals at each table in the gym were happy to share their professional journey with our students and gave them insight into their day-to-day job activities. 


Special thanks go to Ms. Meehan, Dr. Rufa, Ms. Gonzalez, and Mr. Pesqueira, who worked closely with the staff at Northwell to make this day such a great success.  Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the work of our outstanding custodial staff, security team, technology department, and the support of all of our teachers.” 

Northwell Health staff and OBHS staff pose by Career Fair sign

Northwell Health and Oyster Bay High School administrators team up to bring a comprehensive career fair to students. From left are Oyster Bay High School Counseling Services Supervisor Ms. Sabrina Meehan, Northwell Health Community Relations Regional Director Ms. Nicole Santora, Northwell Health Community Relations Coordinator for Syosset and Plainview Hospitals Ms. Christine Patti, Executive Director of Syosset and Plainview Hospitals Mr. Michael Fener, Oyster Bay High School Principal Ms. Sharon Lasher, Assistant Principal Dr. Peter Rufa, Social Studies Supervisor Mr. Joseph Pesqueira and Assistant Principal Ms. Lara Gonzalez.

 students in scrubs pose with some Northwell Health nurses

Dressed in scrubs and holding surgical instruments, students Sophie Mejia, Anna Tsoumparoitis and Kira Tosi pose with Northwell Health nurses Ms. Sheila McHugh, Ms. Winnie Mele and Ms. Laura Waldeck by an operating room backdrop.

 students see how lapascopic instruments work in surgery

Surgical Technologist George Corona shows juniors Lindsey Purcell and Veronica Reyes how to maneuver laparoscopic instruments.

 a student learns how to do cpr on a dummy

Northwell Health nurse Ms. Lynne Grant coaches junior Matthew Tepper as he performs simulated CPR.