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    OBEN Students Selected for All-County Music Festival

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    Oyster Bay High School seniors chosen to perform at the Division V level are bassoonist Thomas Coor and trombone players Isaac Luckman, Michael Biggiani and Thomas Fletcher, who also had the honor of being selected to perform in NYSSMA’s All-State Winter Music Festival, which took place in Rochester Nov. 29-Dec. 2. Sophie Mejia, a junior, was chosen for trumpet. Choral students to perform at the Division V level include seniors Sarah Conway, Kayla McKenna, Isabella Rosenthal, all sopranos, and alto Kayleigh Crawford.  Sophomore Alessandra Martorella was also chosen for the Division V ensemble.

    Selected to perform at the Division IV level are freshman Kevin Biggiani on trombone and sophomore Jillian Haguisan on flute. Ensembles for both levels will perform on Saturday, Jan. 19. Taking the stage for the Division III ensembles on Friday, Jan. 18 are seventh graders Franchesca Alejo on French horn, Chiara Rutigliano on trombone, and choral singer Grace Curry, a soprano. Eighth graders include Leigh Nathan on violin, Michael Tramontana on clarinet and choral singer Aurora Aschettino, an alto.

    From James H. Vernon School, sixth graders Samantha Charron on French horn, Jeffrey Sun on alto saxophone and choral students Olivia Cruz, an alto, and Charlise Winter, a soprano, will perform at the Division II level on Sunday, Jan. 20. Fifth graders selected for Division I ensembles include Jocelyn Schadler on flute, and choral singers Genevieve Fallon, Sarah Castillo, Riley Baehr, Brendy Palacios, Lilly Moore, all sopranos; and alto Lauren Emerson. Their ensembles take place on Sunday, Jan. 13.

    These achievements were made possible through 


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    Eighteen Oyster Bay High School students in grades 7-12 were chosen to perform in the All-County Music Festival at Tilles Center in January.

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    Eleven fifth- and sixth-grade students from James H. Vernon School were also selected to showcase their skills.

    the guidance of high school band and wind ensemble teacher Mr. Matthew Sisia and chorus teacher Ms. Meagan Dissinger; middle level band teacher Mr.  Michael Giannetta and chorus teacher Ms. Melissa Kozee, and elementary band teachers Mr. Joe Devassy and Ms. Lauren Macy, and chorus teacher Mr. Louis G. Costidis.

    “These countywide ensembles provide an opportunity for our students to expand their skills and grow as musicians,” said Fine and Performing Arts Supervisor Mr. Anthony Femino. “We are extremely proud of our students and music staff for their dedication and commitment to excellence.”

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