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    Shrek the Musical, Jr. Sends Powerful Message

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    The wildly popular production featured two separate casts, each performing one night, allowing more than 150 students to shine on stage.

    Coordinated by lead director Ms. Teriann Chiappardi and lead technical director Ms. Brittany Ford, with the assistance of Ms. Kim Romeo and Ms. Anna Sakellardis, the show took audiences on a heartwarming journey as Shrek the ogre led a cast of fairytale misfits on an adventure to save princess Fiona and find true acceptance. The show featured an enchanting set design, colorful costumes and imaginative props that were created with the help of volunteers.

    “Thank you to our directors for their excellent job in coordinating two separate shows, to our casts and crews for all of their hard work, and to all who attended the show to support our students,” said Fine and Performing Arts Supervisor Mr. Anthony Femino.

    Ms. Chiappardi said, “One of our favorite lyrics from Shrek Jr. is, ‘What makes us special makes us strong!’ The Vernon drama program has grown and flourished because of the brave young actors who have taken to the Vernon stage. This program has given our students a place to figure out who they are as performers and to be a part of the Shrek Jr. family.”

    She also expressed her appreciation to the sixth graders for assisting younger cast members with their lines, choreography and staging. “Everyone worked really hard over many weeks and it was such a joy to see them all bring the show to life on stage.”

    Special thanks also go out to the Board of Education, staff and volunteers who helped make each show a smashing success!


    Shrek the Musical, Jr. Purple Cast Slide Show


    Shrek the Musical, Jr. Gold Cast Slide Show

    Here's a link of Shrek in the making:


  • Scenes from the Purple Cast

    Shrek and the donkey from the purple cast of Shrek, Jr.

    fairly tale misfits from Shrek, Jr.

    fiona and lord faquad in Shrek, Jr.

    Scenes from the Gold Cast

     Princess Fiona from Shrek, Jr.

    misfits from Shrek, Jr.


    marriage scene from Shrek, Jr. gold cast


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