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    1st Graders Have What it Takes to Become Word Detectives

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    Students demonstrated their knowledge when K-12 ELA Supervisor Dr. Ryan O’Hara, also known as Chief of Detectives for the Word Detective Bureau District Wide, visited their classrooms and quizzed them to assess if they were, indeed, ready to become Word Detectives.

    Students eagerly raised their hands and voiced four different word techniques that they learned in class and have been practicing every day. “Notice a problem and stop to solve it,” they said as Dr. O’Hara checked the answer off on his clipboard. “Look CLOSELY from start to end,” “Do a s-l-o-w check” and “Use everything you know,” they added. Impressed with their answers, Chief O’Hara asked his young candidates to stand. He handed each of them a magnifying glass and a detective’s badge, and asked them to raise their right hand and repeat the Word Detective oath. Much to their delight, the students were officially sworn in as Word Detectives!

    "The children were very impressed by Dr. O'Hara and couldn't wait to be part of his Word Detective team," said first-grade teacher Ms. Coleen Brunken. “They know that being a Word Detective is a very important job and it will help them to become better readers. The children are always on the lookout for challenges.  They look closely at their words and think about word endings, vowels and what would make sense as they read.”

    First-grade students in Ms. Stacey Cowan’s class, Ms. Donna Pierro’s class, Mr. Marisa Rendanos’class and Ms. Megan Rotbart’s and Jaime Surace’s class were equally thrilled to become Word Detectives.

    “Our first-grade students have proven to me that they are working hard to uncover new words and improve their reading skills,” said Dr. O’Hara. “I know they will keep up the good work in their new responsibility as Word Detectives.”

  • Dr. O'Hara visits first grade classrooms

    K-12 ELA Supervisor Dr. Ryan O’Hara, aka Chief of Detectives for the Word Detective Bureau District Wide, explains to students the importance of being a Word Detective.

    Dr. O'hara writes on clipboard during word detective presentation

    Dr. O'Hara writes students' answers about word strategies on a clipboard.

    Board with word strategies called "How to be a Word Detective"

    A chart of word strategies students are using to be good Word Detectives.

    Word Detective oath is administered

    Dr. O'Hara administers the Word Detective oath to first graders.

    first graders show badges they received for being word detectives

    First-grade students in Ms. Coleen Brunken and Ms. Jaime Surace’s class hold up the magnifying glasses and badges they received when they were inducted as Word Detectives.


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