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    Vernon 4th Graders Present American Revolution Program

  • Families and friends were transported back to colonial times when they visited the fourth-grade classrooms at Vernon School. Students dressed as colonists, soldiers and important historical figures, celebrated the culmination of their studies on the American Revolution.

    Fourth-grade classrooms buzzed with excitement as some presented plays, complete with props, costumes and scenery, based on the different events leading up to the Revolutionary War. Other classes showed presentations using Google Classroom and created games related to their presentation, such as matching, memory, secret codes or board games.

    In the weeks leading up to the presentation, students studied such events as the French and Indian War, the Proclamation of 1763, the Stamp Act, the Sugar Act, and the Intolerable Acts, the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. They learned about the different battles, spies, patriots vs. loyalists, famous generals and the meaning of the Declaration of Independence.

     “The focus in fourth grade is New York State, so most of our study on the Revolution was through the lens of New York State,” said fourth-grade teacher Ms. Janet Link. Also teaching fourth grade at Vernon are Ms. Brenda Ghicas, Ms. Kelly Horch, Ms. Sandra Griffin and Ms. Christine O’Connor.

    In addition to their presentations, each student created a “bottle buddy” as part of a home project. Students researched a revolutionary war figure, such as a military colonel, a spy or the Sons of Liberty and created a likeness of that person using a soda/water bottle and art materials, such as felt, pipe cleaners, buttons and Styrofoam. The bottle buddies were displayed, along with a student-created description of the historical figure and their role in the war.


    American Revolution Slide Show

  • students act in play about american revolution

    Students in Ms. O’Connor’s Class present a play on the American Revolution.

    student explains his American Revolution project to parents

    Using technology, students in Ms. Ghicas’ class, above, and Ms. Link’s and Ms. Griffin’s classes, below, explain how to play the games they created with an American Revolution theme.

    student shows his game to parents

    students pose with their game

    fourth graders act out American Revolution play

    Students in Ms. Horch’s class present a play on the American Revolution to family and friends.

    students created historical figures out of plastic bottles and art supplies

    “Bottle buddies” of American Revolution figures are showcased for visitors.

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