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    Inspiring Students is Elementary for OBHS Class of 2018

  • K-2 students at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School got a surprise greeting when they arrived at school, June 20. Waiting for them as they came out of their school busses were 36 Oyster Bay High School graduating seniors dressed in cap and gown, giving them high-fives and handshakes as they made their way to the school building.

    “These are our Oyster Bay High School graduating seniors wearing their caps and gowns,” explained Theodore Roosevelt Principal Ms. Tami McElwee, “and one day it will be your turn to wear them too.”

    The visit, an idea brought to district administrators by Executive Board Student Council President Lindsey Tiberia, was a way to inspire youngsters to work hard, be kind and to focus on school so that one day, they too, will don a cap and gown for their own graduation.

    Once inside, the elementary students lined the sides of the hallways as the graduating seniors marched down the middle, greeting and interacting with students as Pomp and Circumstance played over the loud speaker. The youngsters cheered and shouted, “Congratulations” as the seniors made their way down the hallways.

    Lindsey said she wanted to start a new tradition in the District and saw a similar event on Facebook. “To see kids get so excited was adorable,” she said. “It was exciting and fun, and I think we all enjoyed it a lot too…getting cheered on and getting to see all the teachers.”

    The seniors, most of whom attended Theodore Roosevelt School for their primary years, said they enjoyed going back to their alma mater.

    “Coming back here is nostalgic,” said senior Dennis Mejia. “It’s like reliving your childhood memories from kindergarten to second grade. Coming back and showing that we are about to graduate is something that they could look forward to.”

     “I hope they see us and think they’ll be there one day and look up at us as a figure of inspiration, knowing that they can do it,” said classmate Arianna Chetram.

    Before departing on a school bus back to the high school, the seniors gathered around the Theodore Roosevelt School sign for a photo to commemorate the day.

    “We set a new tradition here today,” said Oyster Bay High School Principal Ms. Sharon Lasher. “One that we hope to continue for many years to come.”

  • seniors in cap and gown visit Roosevelt

    Members of the Class of 2018 donned caps and gowns to visit students at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School.

    Seniors greet TR students at bus dressed in cap and gown

    Graduating seniors, above and below, greet students as they get off the bus.

    salutatorian fives Roosevelt student a high five

    seniors arrive by bus

    Senior Bradley Beck shows his excitementabout being at Roosevelt. 

    seniors go to Roosevelt

    Seniors make their way inside to march down the hallways.

    Click here for video of senior visit to TR


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