(The Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School Song)
    Words and Music by Robert M. Stern


    By the bay it stands
    With its arms stretched open wide,
    It’s the Roosevelt School
    That makes our faces beam with pride.


    Onward and upward
    We stand beside our school.
    Our memories will last
    As we dearly think of you.


    It’s inside your halls
    That we’re guided everyday,
    All along your sturdy walls
    We see our schoolwork on display.


    Here’s to all! Here’s to all
    Who make our school so grand.
    Together we are strong
    As we all work hand in hand.


    Oh your spirit shines
    Like a star high up above,
    All the time we’ve spent here
    It fills our hearts with so much love.


    Roosevelt, Roosevelt
    The school that’s by the bay,
    Has taught us all so well
    That we’ll never lose our way.