• BOE 6-14-2016

    OBEN Board of Education Celebrates the Many Accomplishments of the 2016-17 School Year

    The Oyster Bay East Norwich Board of Education held its monthly Business meeting on Tuesday, June 14 at 7 pm in the OBHS Library.  The audience was led in the Pledge of Allegiance by Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School second grader Dylan Nola.


    Superintendent of Schools Dr. Laura Seinfeld began her report by celebrating a wonderful school year with many accolades and accomplishments.


    Athletic Director, Kevin Trentowski came to the podium to recognize many outstanding athletes from the James H. Vernon School and Oyster Bay High School saying, “The Heinz Posch Award is given annually to two sixth grade students who demonstrate outstanding character, have a rigorous work ethic and excel in physical education and athletics.  This year’s recipients are Laura Castrogiovanni and Patrick Ingebrigtsen. 

    Posch Award


    The Scholar Athlete Award is given annually to a sixth grade boy and girl who have demonstrated outstanding achievements academically and athletically.  Please congratulate Emma Kelly and Kyle Marshall.

    Zone Award


    The mission of the Nassau Zone of New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, also referred to as AHPERD, is to support, encourage and provide guidance to professionals throughout Nassau County in developing and conducting quality programs in Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance.


    This year, the Nassau Zone would like to recognize one male and one female student as Outstanding Physical Education Students. These students have shown a concern for health and wellness, fitness, and embody the values encouraged by the physical education staff in line with the NYS Curriculum Learning Standards. Our recipients are Brian Duke and Brynn Johnson.”

    AHPERD Award


    Mr. Trentowski went on to acknowledge individual achievements and championship efforts by OBHS spring season athletes.  They were:


    2016 Spring All County/Scholar Athlete Recognition

    Baseball All County

    Kalman Lipsman:  Shortstop

    Harrison Treble:  Pitcher & Batting leader

    James Losee:  Pitcher- threw a no-hitter!

    Coach of the Year

    John Davis, Baseball Class “B” Coach of the Year

    OBHS Baseball

    Girls’ Lacrosse All County

    Michelle Yu:  Was not at the meeting due to being at the 18U Under Armor team tryouts

    Vanessa Yu:  Was not at the meeting due to being at the News 12 Scholar Athlete Dinner where she won the Bob Wolff Special Achievement Scholarship.  Only two students received this prestigious award for the entire year.

    Vanessa Yu

    Boys’ Lacrosse All County

    Robert Howes:  Midfielder & Captain

    Robert Howes

    Badminton All County

    Courtney Kowalsky:  3rd place in Nassau County singles & Newsday All Long Island!

    Boys Spring Track All County

    Jason Cassella: 2-mile; Was not at the meeting due to being at the All County Dinner

    Alexander Tosi:  2 Mile & Steeple Chase.  State Champion! Was not at the meeting due to being at the County Dinner & News 12 Dinner

    NEWS 12 Honorees

    Softball Nassau County Class “B” Champions

    Sophie Agostinello, OF

    Mikaela Cornelious, OF

    Lillian Galasso, Third base

    Dana Galgano, pitcher

    Lindsay Gorney, 2nd base

    Ashley Hazan,OF

    Reilly Iles, OF

    Lauren Jones,OF

    Hannah Lopes, OF

    Emily Moore, Catcher

    Rachel Sabatello, OF

    Danielle Sugar,  First Base

    Taylor Wilson, Shortstop

    Katrina Zucconi, OF

    Coach: Head Coach: Morgan Lashley

    Assistant Coach: Krista Thorn

    County Champion Softball  


    Vernon Principal, Dr. Valerie Vacchio introduced the Board to young writers at Vernon who have recently been honored with writing awards.  She spoke about two different contests.


    The Kenneth F. Gambone Writing Contest is sponsored by the Long Island Language Arts Council (LILAC).  Students in grades 4, 7, and 10 are eligible to participate.   Student entries must consist of two pieces of writing composed on a computer or written in pen in dark blue or black ink.  The first piece is a timed, on-demand writing response to the following theme: ‘Because kindness matters...’  The second piece is self-selected from the student’s portfolio to reflect his/her best work.


    The James H. Vernon School has two winners in the 2016 Gambone Writing Contest.  Both students are in fourth grade.  Joseph LaRosa, the 2nd Place Winner, is in Ms. O'Conner's and Mr. Larke's class.  Julian Proux, 3rd Place Winner, is in Ms. Ghicas' class.

    Writing Award  Writing Award


    The Humane Society of New York has selected Vernon fifth grade student, Kate Webster, as a winner of the 2016 humane essay contest.  This contest was sponsored by the Office of Ed Mangano, Nassau County Executive, the Humane Society of New York, and North Shore Animal League America.  Kate was selected out of approximately one thousand well written and heartfelt essays from Nassau County students.       


    Two winners were selected from each participating grade (grades three, four, and five).  The Humane Society said, “It was truly an uplifting experience to read these essays.”

    Writing Award


    Oyster Bay High School Teachers Ms. Lydia Brady and Ms. Marjorie Vigliotti introduced high school students from their classes that have won awards for writing.


    Ms. Vigliotti said, “As a student in my 9th grade English Honors class, Rachel Sabatello excels.  A voracious reader, an articulate speaker, and an extremely gifted writer, Rachel realizes the unique power of words to deeply affect and change not only people, but also the direction of the world.  She realizes the power her pen holds.


    Before Rachel does in fact put her pen to paper, she pauses and takes time to think.  After careful consideration, she begins to write…and write beautifully, I may add, capturing brilliant images, engaging dialogue, and vivid, memorable characters.


    Rachel’s love for writing is palpable; I see it in her eyes.  And, while most young writers view the blank paper before them as rather intimidating, Rachel welcomes it.  For Rachel, filling that paper with her heartfelt stories and timeless themes is nothing short of heavenly.


    o, it comes as no surprise that the Nassau Reading Council, after having read hundreds of essays, recognized Rachel as a truly gifted communicator, one with extraordinary talent, and published her poignant personal narrative, entitled ‘Confessions,’ in its annual anthology, and last Monday evening at Molloy College, Rachel was given the opportunity to read it.  And she did, quite movingly.


    And so, we are here this evening to recognize you, Rachel.  We are here to applaud your noteworthy achievement.  We are here to celebrate your voice.”

    Writing Award


    Ms. Brady continued saying, “It is my pleasure to recognize Mia DiMeo and Robin Yeh; winners of Nassau Reading Council’s Young Author’s Contest.


    Mia’s love of writing is apparent in all that she does. I often hear her friends state: ‘I think it is ready Ms. Brady.  I had Mia look it over,’ upon submitting drafts of their college essays.  Mia writes that her ‘love affair with the hand written word was one that began early.  Like the worn pages of a loved book, a sheet of loopy scribbles held the air of romanticism and ruggedness… In reading works of others I was prompted to create… In my own words I hoped to add the same passion, intensity, and fervor to that of the greats.  I have found love in authorship.’  I can attest to the passion, energy, and excitement Mia has added to our discussions in AP Literature.  Her love of the written word is infections.  I can’t wait to hear of the stories Mia creates at Bryn Mawr next year.


    To quote Robin’s winning essay: ‘Today we are going on an adventure…What is life without flavor?’  Robin’s enthusiasm and exploratory spirit is inspiring.  She adds flavor to all that she does.  Her love of art, and her fascination of the smallest detail, result in writing that is fresh and exciting.  I look forward to hearing of all the new adventures she will embark on at Duke.        


    Giuliana has proven herself to be dedicated, insightful, and creative in English class this year.  Her work ethic is unparalleled.  Her approach to writing is fearless yet refined.  Giuliana will continue her studies in English Language Arts with Ms. Vigliotti in College English next year.  It is my pleasure to acknowledge Giuliana Rutigliano for receiving second honorable mention from the Long Island Arts Council at Freeport for her poetry submission.”

    Writing Awards


    The Languages Other Than English (LOTE) and English as a New Language Supervisor Liliana Policano was called to the microphone to honor several students.


    Ms. Policano said, “The Long Island Language Teachers Association (LILT) is a professional organization that promotes the study of Foreign Languages on Long Island throughout various activities for school age students. The Student Foreign Language Competition is an opportunity for students of all levels to submit original work and it directly promotes three core values: relationships, relevance and rigor… ‘When Teachers believe and make their expectations known, students deliver.’


    This year, all of the students in Ms. Paula Luzzi's College Spanish class were given the opportunity to be part of this competition by writing an Essay with a given topic by LILT on "Technology Etiquette".  Following the National Standards for communication this perfectly fit as part of the unit assessment studied as a persuasive essay with comparison and contrasting elements demonstrating knowledge of their community and culture.


    The senior level students were category 5 with the requirement of writing 350 words in the target language.  Only 7 students' essays were allowed to be entered by each school on Long Island. Our Foreign Language Department and the entire school community feel very proud that four of our students are the honored recipients of these prestigious awards.

    Essay Competition - Regular Category

    Samantha Romeo - First Place Anna Lee Sadocha - Honorable Mention` Essay Competition - Native Category

    Celena Gomez - Second Place Maria Urbina - Third Place

    Our heartfelt congratulations to the students and Ms. Luzzi for this magnificent accomplishment.”




    Superintendent of Schools Dr. Laura Seinfeld ended her report by honoring those on the staff who are retiring.

    Retirees 2016


    SEPTA President and Vernon Teacher Colleen Kelly was invited to the podium to recognize a student at the Vernon school who is making a big difference in the educational community.  The student was honored for being a mentor to other students.  OBEN schools hold mentoring at a premium understanding the value of students teaching other students.  Ms. Kelly said, “I am here tonight to present the certificate for the After School Friends program.

    In our program, students with special needs are paired up with one or two mentors and an adult facilitator.  The purpose of the program is to help the students with special needs develop and improve their social skills.

    Examples include learning to play games and activities they encounter at recess and making conversation with others. 

    Each mentor receives didactic and hands-on training in which they learn about students with special needs, how to effectively mentor others and how they can be a friend to someone with special needs. 

    The program offers tremendous benefits for both the individuals with special needs and their mentors. 

    I hope the mentor that I am about to name understands the impact she’s had on our students.  With that we would like to call up Marissa Iemmiti to receive her certificate.”



    The Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, Mr. Stephen Valente updated the Board and community on the work to the facilities that will be initiated this summer.  PSEG will be running a gas line to the high school to replace the boilers.  Window replacements will continue at the high school as well as LED lighting. 


    A majority of the capital projects will be at the Vernon School.  The module wing will have heating replacement and work done on the flooring and roofing.  LED lighting will be installed.  The road to the trach will be improved as well as field reconditioning and updated batting cages.


    The Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School will also receive LED lighting and room improvements.


    The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Dr. Lisa Mulhall was proud to announce that the Chamber Singers participated in a “Music in the Park” event at Hershey Park where they performed with singers from many states.  The OBHS Chamber Singers were awarded “Best in Division” also honored as “Best Overall.”


    The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 12 at 7:30 pm in the OBHS Library.  Please, note the new start time for all Board meetings in the 2016-17 school year will be at 7:30 pm.  The next meeting is the annual reorganization meeting.  All are welcome.






    Outstanding Vernon & OBHS Athletes


    Writing Award Winners


    A Fond Farewell to Retirees


    The Athletic Banquet - “Year in Sports” slide show


    Breakfast of Champions