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    Vernon Takes On A Really 'Gourd' Project

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    Under the guidance of library teacher Ms. Erin Dubon, students were asked to decorate their pumpkins, either real or fake, using materials such as yarn, paint, fabric, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and feathers.  About 35 students in grades 3-6 participated. Each pumpkin was on display in the library next to an accompanying book to create a “Storybook Pumpkin Patch.”

    “Students and staff really enjoyed viewing the many different pumpkins that our students created,” said Principal Dr. Valerie Vacchio. “This was a wonderful project to engage our students as they celebrate literature and the fall season.”

    Ms. Dubon ran a contest in which students voted on their favorite pumpkin. Winners included 3rd grader Abby Alvarado for her pumpkin based on the book, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie," 4th grader Maylin Murphy for her pumpkin on "Who was Albert Einstein," 5th grader Katie Melling for her creation on the book, "Popular MMOs," and 6th grader Nicholas White for his depiction of "Who Would Win - Lion vs Tiger." Winners received a Barnes and Noble gift card and all participants received a participation award.

    “We were so impressed with our students’ creativity and their enthusiasm to participate in this project,” said Ms. Dubon. “Everyone did a marvelous job of making our ‘Storybook Pumpkin Patch’ a great success!”

  • Vernon Library project

    Thirty-five Vernon School students display the pumpkins they created from book characters for a Library project. Below is a sample of the students' work. 

    einstein pumpkin

    Dr. Seuss

    bad guys pumpkin

    pumpkin contest winners

    Book character pumpkin contest winners received Barnes & Noble gift cards.



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