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    Third Grader Create Interactive Wax Museum

  • Where was one able to see Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Taylor Swift and Sacagawea all in one place? At the James H. Vernon School Third Grade Wax Museum!

    These and numerous other “wax figures” came to life when visitors pushed a red “start’ button located next to them, prompting them to orate a brief biographical speech.  The fun, interactive event was a culminating activity for students and their families after completing a unit on Reading and Writing.

    Students dressed as a biographical figure of their choice based on the theme of their classrooms, which included “History/Inventors/Artist,” “Sports,” or “Entertainment.”  Among the wax figures were 16-year-old human rights advocate Malala Yousafzai, inventor Nikola Tesla, father of evolution Charles Darwin and designer Coco Chanel. There were sports greats, both modern day and historical, from Joe DiMaggio and Jackie Robinson to Michael Phelps and Bethany Hamilton. In the entertainment world, visitors enjoyed hearing from Misty Copeland, the first African-American principal dancer in the American Ballet Theater, comedian and TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres and singer Bruno Mars.

    “We are always so surprised at the range of people they pick,” said third grade teacher Ms. Nancy Flatley.  "We had Grace Kelly, Michael Jackson, and many others throughout all the different decades."

    In the classroom, students learned how a biography is written and researched their biographical figure using such tools as graphic organizers and lap books. They cited websites and books for information on their individual’s early life, as well as their achievements and accomplishments. Students learned how to develop speeches and improved their public speaking skills by practicing them.

    In Ms. Jillian Duval’s class, students used iPads to build their public speaking skills.

    “They used iPads to videotape themselves reciting their speeches and then watched themselves with their peers who would suggest to them one good thing about their speeches and one thing they could improve,” she said.

    Through their research, students also created mobiles with hangers, streamers and construction paper, which featured pictures and facts about their individual. The mobiles hung from the ceiling above their desks. Bulletin boards throughout the third grade hallways were also decorated with biographies and fun facts about their historical figures.

    “We have a lot of fun doing this,” added Ms. Flatley. “The students explore history, science, English language arts, public speaking, technology, it really covers all the disciplines, which makes it really fun and a great way to wrap up the school year.”

    “Many thanks to our third grade teachers, Ms. Nancy Flatley and Ms. Caitlin Dillon, Ms. Jillian Duval and Ms. Erin Sterbens, Ms. Kristine Friedman, Ms. Kelly Hilt, and Ms. Megan Rogus for making our fifth annual wax museum a success,” said Principal Dr. Valerie Vacchio. “Our students rose up to the challenge of taking on a new persona for a day and sharing what they have learned about biographies with the community.”

  • Visitors tour the third grade wax museum at Vernon

    Visitors learn about the life of famous sports figures while touring part of the wax museum.

    Oprah and Bruno Mars recite their speeches

    With mobiles overhead, Oprah Winfrey and Bruno Mars recite their speeches.

    orville wright

    Inventor Orville Wright displays a model airplane he built with his dad.

    Milton Hershey

    Chocolatier Milton Hershey offers up some chocolate kisses.

    mobile hang from the ceiling

    Biography mobiles hang from the ceiling.

    biographies on bulletin boards

    Biographies dress up the bulletin boards.

    Vernon Third Grade Wax Museum Slide Show

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