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    OBHS' Imagine Oz Brings Audiences on a Magical Journey

  • Oyster Bay High School’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts dazzled audiences this week with their magical performances of Imagine Oz, a fun and uplifting musical based on the timeless classic, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but with a modern twist as the beloved characters take a Magical Mystery Tour to Oz set to a repertoire of classic Beatles songs.

    With a colorful set and vibrant costumes, students sang and danced to Beatles hits, including Penny Lane, All You Need is Love, and Strawberry Fields, as they took the audience through Dorothy’s journey home.

    The production was directed by Mr. Derrick Cobey who called the show “one interesting, quirky and honest ride,” and produced by K-12 Fine and Performing Arts Supervisor Mr. Peter Rufa, who commended the students for their hard work over several weeks to bring their acting, singing and dancing skills to the stage. 

    The cast included Sarah Conway as Dorothy, Miriam Coor as Toto, Kayleigh Crawford as Auntie Em, Dante Castellano as Uncle Henry, Claudia Paolucci as Hunk/Scarecrow, Destini Gaeckler as Zeke/Cowardly Lion, Rachel Kowalsky as Hickory/Tin Man, Anabella Ballone as Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz, Ava Aschettino as Glinda, Alessandra Martorella as Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch, Julia Sherbal as Nikko, Torin Aebly as Oz Doorman/Guard, Arianna Chetram as Featured Singer, Muskan Kumar as Mayor, Colette Kilfoil as the Coroner/Tree, Aurora Aschettino as the Barrister and Katherine Usaquen as the Apple Tree. Also in the cast as Featured Beatnicks are Torin Aebly, Giavanna Gerken, Muskan Kumar, Victoria Lattanzio, Cassandra Matthews, and Julia Sherbal. Featured Piggies include Jenna Cody, Eleni Katiforis, Michaela Lester, Paige Sweeney and Lauren Swezey.

    Working just as hard to make the show a success was the stage crew, under the guidance of Ms. Maria Randazzo, assistant producer of the show, the pit orchestra under the baton of Mr. Michael Gianetta, Vocal Director Ms. Meagan Dissinger, Assistant Director and Choregrapher Ms. Teriann Chiappardi and Sound and Lighting Designer Mr. Glen Davis. In addition to playing the leading role, Sarah Conway lent her artistic skills to design the publicity poster and playbook cover.

    “Many thanks to those who came out to see the show and support our students, and thanks to everyone involved for making this fantastic production a great success,” Mr. Rufa added.

  • the cast of Imagine Oz

    The cast of Imagine Oz.

    Student protray Aunt Em, Uncle henry and Dorothy in Imagine Oz

    Sarah Conway as Dorothy talks to Aunt Em, portrayed by Kayleigh Crawford and Uncle Henry, played by Dante Castellano.

    Dorothy is caught in a tornado

    Gale winds kick up as a tornado approaches Kansas. 

    students perform "Magical Mystery Tour"

    Dorothy with Toto, played by Miriam Coor, Glinda, played by Ava Aschettino, and the ensemble perform Here Comes the Sun.

    Dorthy, toto, scarecrow, tinman and lion

    Dorothy, Toto, and Claudia Paolucci as the Scarecrow, Rachel Kowalsky as the Tinman and Destini Gaeckler as the Cowardly Lion perform With a Little Help from my Friends.

     Imagine Oz Slide Show

    Magical Mystery Tour video


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