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    Readers' Theater Demonstrates the Importance of Kindness

  • Themes of kindness and acceptance were showcased when Roosevelt second graders in Ms. Theresa Collalto’s class performed a Readers’ Theater on the books, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and Enemy Pie by Derek Munson.

    Standing on risers in simple costumes consisting of white T-Shirts and purple visors, students first entertained family and friends with an animated reading of Chrysanthemum, a story of teasing, self-esteem and acceptance as a young mouse named after the flower is taunted because of her name, but then learns to turn that teasing around with the help of music teacher Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle.

    Students then continued their reading with Enemy Pie, a charming story about the difficulties and ultimately the rewards of making new friends.

    The stories moved along swiftly as students took turns approaching the microphones and reading their assigned portions of each script. On their T-shirts the words “Be Kind’ were inscribed inside a big heart. Their hats were simple “costumes” to help the audience identify the characters in the books.

     According to Roosevelt Elementary School Principal Ms. Tami McElwee, “The goal of the Readers’ Theater is not to memorize lines or wear elaborate costumes, but rather to focus on reading the text with expressive voices and gestures.”

    This performance was the third of five second-grade classes that will present a Readers’ Theater throughout the year. The performances are coordinated by Literacy Coach Ms. Chris Bartell and Library Media Specialist Ms. Rosann Davidson, in collaboration with art teacher Ms. Meredith Brustman, who designs a mural as a backdrop, and music teacher Ms. Brenda Murphy, who leads the students in song. Students concluded their performance by singing, Lean on Me.

    The program ended with refreshments provided by the PTA. Among them were…. you guessed it: pies!

  • Ms. collalto's class enters the cafateria

    Roosevelt Elementary School second graders in Ms. Theresa Collalto’s class get ready to perform a Readers’ Theater with the theme of kindness.

    a second grader performs at the Readers' Theater

    Students read Chrysanthemum with animation and expression.

    a second grader reads

     Students take turns at the microphone to share the story, Enemy Pie.

    Ms. Collaltos class

    Ms. Collalto's class poses after performing for family and friends.


     Reader's Theater Slideshow

    Ms. Collalto's class sings Lean on Me


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