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  • Another Oyster Bay Treasure Opens its Doors to Students


    The Kindergarteners of the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School were treated to a fun day of education and exploration thanks to the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum.


    Education is a key focus of the museum as evidenced by the students being greeted by Mr. Bill Burke, who is a retired school principal.  The children were guided by former OBEN Board of Education President, Mr. John Specce.


    The children earned “Junior Engineer” badges by completing a fun junior engineer activity.  These badges entitle the children to free admission to the museum with an accompanying paid adult and a 10% discount in the museum gift shop.  Kindergartener Chelsea Maraboli was overheard saying, “This is the best day of my life.”


    The following is re-printed from the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum website at http://www.obrm.org/


    The mission of the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum (OBRM) is to heighten public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the railroad's role in our heritage, and to increase public understanding of rail technology and its impact on Long Island life. The OBRM will collect, preserve, and interpret the railroad heritage of Long Island for future generations.


    The Oyster Bay Railroad Museum is a 501c-3 educational, not-for-profit corporation.  It relies on donations to reach is goal of the formation of a first class railroad museum in the hamlet of Oyster Bay.

    Look for this graphic on the Museum website home page to help...


    sign Goal


    Through the years, the Museum has secured other historical railroading equipment and, as important, has taken great strides in raising the necessary funding for the restoration of the historic Oyster Bay Railroad Station and Turntable. With some restoration already underway and completed on these and other projects, the Museum remains dedicated to seeing these restoration efforts through to completion.


    In February 2008, the Museum opened its Visitor Center to the public.  Located at 102 Audrey Avenue in downtown Oyster Bay, the Center is situated just around the corner from the historic train station (where the Museum will be permanently located) and within walking distance of the Museum's rail yard (site of the historic turntable).


    The permanent makeup of the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum will consist of two major elements:


    • An indoor museum exhibit area contained in the historic Oyster Bay Railroad Station.

    Railroad Museum


    • An outdoor exhibit area featuring Locomotive #35 and other historic examples of railroad rolling stock.

    OB Turntable

    The 2 sites will be linked by a short pedestrian walking path through scenic Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park.


    Once permanently situated within the Station, the Museum will also include a permanent Oyster Bay Visitor Center. The Center will provide information, literature, and local promotional material for the many historic, cultural, and family friendly attractions in and around the Oyster Bay area, in total benefiting local residents, businesses, and visitors alike. It is from this permanent Museum location from which accommodation is planned for a "touring trolley" that will transport visitors to the many points of interest in and about Oyster Bay.


    Currently, the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum is housed in the Museum's Visitor Center, located at 102 Audrey Avenue in downtown Oyster Bay. This interim facility contains selected displays from the OBRM's growing collection, exhibits outlining our ambitious plans for the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum of the future, and a gift shop featuring a broad variety of rail-themed merchandise. The Center also offers visitor information for those who may not be familiar with the many other sites, restaurants, and other places of local interest.


    The Oyster Bay Railroad Museum is perfectly suited to the history and beauty that is Oyster Bay.  It is another gem in our own neighborhood and a valuable addition to the many wonderful educational opportunities available to the young students of the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Schools.

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