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  • Multiplication Super Bowl V at Vernon


    The James H. Vernon School Third Grade held their 5th Annual Multiplication Super Bowl on Thursday, February 2.  All third grade students competed against each other by class hoping to take the title of Multiplication Champs and gain possession of the prized football trophy.  


    The 3rd Grade Multiplication Super Bowl has become one of the highlights of the year for our students.  This was the fifth year holding the fun-filled math competition that always coincides with Super Bowl weekend.  This also happens to be right around the time the students have finished learning all multiplication facts.  A friendly but competitive game has proven to be a huge motivation for the students to get those facts memorized throughout the school year.


    During this event, each of the five 3rd grade classes face off against one another in ten-minute rounds.  Each student takes a turn facing off against someone from their opponent’s team.  The class that answers the most questions correctly wins a point for that round.  In the end, the class that wins the most rounds is crowned the 3rd Grade Multiplication Super Bowl Champion, and is rewarded the much coveted football, which is proudly displayed in their classroom for the remainder of the year.


    This year, Ms. Flatley and Ms. Dillon’s class were fierce competitors and earned their first ever victory.  Until this point, the football had not left Ms. Rogus’ hands, as she and her students have held the title since the Multiplication Bowl began five years ago.  In the end, all 3rd graders came away winners as was evidenced by their incredible memorization of facts as well as their super behavior and excellent sportsmanship.


    When all was said and done, Ms. Flatley and Ms. Dillon’s class came out on top.  Ms. Flatley said, “The third grade classes have been working so hard to master their multiplication facts this year.  The Multiplication Mania Super Bowl is a great way to keep the children excited about Math while keeping them motivated to build fact fluency.  It's a fun time of year to tie this activity in with the Super Bowl.  The Flatley-Dillons are so excited to win this year.  Ms. Flatley and Ms. Dillon are so proud of their class.  The behavior and sportsmanship of the entire third grade made us proud.”


    Ms, Rogus said, “I am so proud of the amazing effort and great sportsmanship of all of the 3rd grade students.  Congratulations to the new winners.”


    This fun competition was originally created Ms. Mary Ellen Kerr, a Special Education teacher.  We thank her for her creativity and starting a wonderful tradition in 3rd grade.


    2017 Champions



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