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    Striving for Excellence in Education                          Volume 11, Issue 17, 1-6-2017 

  • Readers Theater


    Ms. Patti’s Class Serves Up a Tasty Readers Theater



    Ms. Patti’s second grade class at the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School practiced and prepared and proudly presented a Readers Theater production on December 22, 2016. The students did a wonderful job presenting Gingerbread Christmas by Jan Brett and The Borrowed Hannukah Latkes by Linda Glaser.   When the gingerbread Baby hears about the Christmas Festival, he wants to rush down to the village with his band. The only trouble is, he doesn't have a band! Quickly, Matti figures out a way to make gingerbread instruments, and off they go.  The band's music is a hit until a little girl smells the delicious aroma of gingerbread wafting down from the bandstand. The Gingerbread Baby knows it's time to run away, but he keeps on singing while the gingerbread instruments dash off to find Matti, who is waiting to...


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  • Talent and Variety Show


    The Silver Anniversary OBHS Talent & Variety Show Celebrates International Night


    There is an old saying that the “family that plays together, stays together.”  The Oyster Bay East Norwich community is very much like one big extended family.  Every year the Media Arts Club of Oyster Bay High School holds a Talent and Variety Show featuring the talents of our students and staff performing together. Another annual event is International Night sponsored by the Foreign Language Department.  Three years ago, the Supervisor for the Languages Other Than English Department, Liliana Policano approached the Media Arts Club advisor, Tom Gould, about combining the two events.  OBHS Teacher, Jacklin Luciano helped out behind the scenes and on stage to make the evening a resounding success.  The two events came together wonderfully in an extravaganza celebration of...


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