School Lunch Charge Policy

  • To establish a policy to address student school lunch charges including limits, parent notifications, and pay back options. Charging school lunch is the exception, and should not become routine.

    Who can charge? All paying students including full price and reduced paying students.


    What can be charged? A student who has forgotten or lost his/her money and as a result cannot purchase lunch, is allowed to charge the typical A lunch. This includes the daily entrée choice, vegetable, fruit, milk or juice. Note: a student cannot charge snack items or any other ala carte items on the menu.


    What is the limit? There is a charge limit of $15 per student, after the student has exceeded the limit, a notice will be sent home by the district office. Although the state allows school districts to refuse to serve a student who exceeds the limit after being notified, we would rather not use this provision for the welfare of the child. However, after the limit has been exceeded, the student’s choices may be limited to a bagel lunch/cheese sandwich only and the other choice entrees will not be offered.


    How will the records be kept? Charged sales will be entered by the cashier into the district’s automated cafeteria system, My School Bucks. When charges are paid back, the student’s balance will be updated accordingly.


    How will the monies be collected? After the limit of $15 is exceeded, a letter will be sent to the parent about the outstanding debt. A parent can send their child in with a check made payable to the Oyster Bay – East Norwich CSD, or can pay via the internet at .