James H. Vernon School

James H. Vernon School

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  • James H. Vernon School

    Vision Statement



    “Building Bridges, Expanding Opportunities, Leaving Legacies”


    The James H. Vernon School is committed to providing rich learning experiences for each student in a safe, caring, and supportive environment. Our Vernon School motto, “Building Bridges”, highlights collaboration and communication, while building partnerships and relationships within the Oyster Bay community. We strive to make everyone feel connected to each other, the local community, and to the world. Our focus on interdisciplinary connections guides students toward independence, life-long learning, and creative problem solving. We empower students to respect diversity, resolve conflicts peacefully, and demonstrate kindness and empathy every day. Together it is our goal to support students’ transitions through diverse developmental learning stages with an eye toward ensuring all students achieve their highest potential.



    Vernon Builds Bridges