• Pre-Calculus is an academically rigorous course which is devoted to the study of topics for students who intend to study college level mathematics.  Pre-Calculus is offered to students in 11th and 12th grade at both the Regents level and the Honors level. Topics from Advanced Placement Calculus AB are incorporated into units of study when appropriate.  Functions are emphasized as mathematical models for real-world behavior which can be categorized into various families of functions.  Functions are represented symbolically, numerically, graphically and algebraically.  Students are expected to master concepts from calculus and apply them to solve the more challenging problems.  A large number of the examples and problems that students see in this pre-calculus course are given in the context of real-world problems.  Our goal is to enable students to create mathematical models that will help them understand and explain the world in which they live through the discipline of mathematics.  Our pre-calculus syllabus and materials reflect the standards established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).  Technology is used appropriately to create mathematical models and permit the analysis of data.